The best sales forecast for your fresh foods

Our software forecasts your sales up to 2 weeks with 95% accuracy. That means higher gross margins, less out-of-stocks, less food waste, ultrafresh products & happy customers. Your business deserves it. Our planet does too.  

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More money, less waste

Thanks to this accurate customer demand planning, you can stop throwing away the food and the money. Win-win.

No education needed

If you have a Point Of Sales system, you can implement our technology into your systems easily and automatically.

Direct results

If you have 2 years of historical data, your forecasting can be up&running next week. We guide you through the whole process.

Whitepaper available

How can machine learning help your retail business? Learn more about the opportunities this technology has, compared to current (statistical) systems in our latest whitepaper.

We’ll go deeper into the differences of statistical methods and machine learning, tangible tips how you can make the best choice for your business and how to get best results.

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How does the algorithm work?

We’ve developed a machine learning algorithm that predicts sales in retail. It uses your historical sales and order data, available in your current systems, and puts it together with 15 external factors that influence your sales. You can forecast all sorts of goods, from perishable foods to toothbrushes.

From inputting the data to getting your orders to your suppliers, all can be done easily and automatically with our software.

95% accuracy with current tests

Current tests show a 95% accuracy rate. What that means is, if we forecast that you need to order a 100 apples, the real number will be between 95-105. Do you know on what rate you are now?

In this graph you see the predicted and actual sales for 7 days. The closer they are together, the better. We always start these measurements based on your current situation, so you know what return on investment our software has for you.

Are you an ERP provider?

If you offer an ERP or POS system without machine learning forecasting, get in touch with us. Through partnering, we can maximize our impact together.

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